A new falcon has arrived on Rochester’s Time Square Building

ROCHESTER N.Y. (WHEC) — The Time Square Building lost one of its beloved Peregrine Falcons on Tuesday, but a new falcon has arrived.

An unnamed female arrived on the building’s top the same day that Beauty died at age 15. Rochester Falcon Cam said the female joined the partner of Beauty inside the nesting box and she has remained there for most of her time since arriving.

Falcon Cam wrote that Beauty’s partner seemed very confused after his mate died. There are signs that the partner and the new falcon could be a couple, including them loudly chirping together.

"We’ll continue to keep an eye on this new couple," said a statement from Rochester Falcon Cam. "There may still be hope that we will have young fledglings flying over Rochester this summer. Stay tuned and keep your eyes to the sky."

Peregrine Falcons on New York State’s list of endangered species. This population started declining after the 1940s because of exposure to the pesticide DDT, which caused eggshells to thin and crack. The Department of Environmental Conservation has run a longtime program to preserve falcon nesting sites and led other initiatives to restore their population.