Activists rally for Elder Parole bill

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Lawmakers across the state, and in Rochester, are calling for changes to the justice system.

They joined up with formerly incarcerated New Yorkers to renew the push to pass the Elder Parole Bill.

They say too many people are getting old and dying in prison, and that after a certain amount of years behind bars, there should be the option for them to be paroled.

"This propaganda and this fearmongering of ‘The streets are getting violent, it’s because of people coming home’ is not true," said Shaquanna Herbert with the Release Aging People in Prison Campaign. " They don’t have love."

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Lawmakers hope to pass parole reforms in New York before the end of the state legislative session on June 2.

As of Wednesday, the Elder Parole Bill was still in the Senate Crime Victims, Crime And Correction Committee.