After Chauvin verdict, community leaders think of Daniel Prude

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Community leaders say they’re overwhelmed by a Minneapolis jury’s decision to convict Derek Chauvin.

They want the same feeling of justice for Daniel Prude’s death.

"I was really concerned that it was going to go the other way,” Jerome Underwood said, the president of Action For A Better Community.

For activists like Underwood, it’s imperative that cases like George Floyd’s be a mirror to his mission to heal his community.

"I’m pleased, I’m relieved, but hopefully this is a turn where in this country, in Rochester, in Monroe County, that we change and realize that justice should be for everybody," Underwood said.

Underwood added that not only was Chauvin on trial but the justice system was as well, and accountability was finally a factor.

"No indictments like in the local case of Daniel Prude, and hopefully this case will give hope to families who haven’t seen justice,” Underwood said.

Rev. Myra Brown, who has tirelessly tried to bridge the divide between some of the city’s residents who are fed up with leadership during this time of crisis says she doesn’t think this window to act will stay open long.

"This blueprint that Rochester has been using, patterned after slave patrols and probably many countries across the United States use as well, all we need is politicians to decide and vote and put forth legislation that all policing blueprints from the 1800s need to go,” Brown said.

Brown told News10NBC that the Prude family is going to look at this and see what could and in their opinion should have happened when it comes to justice for their family.