AG’s office releases additional transcripts, video testimony in sexual harassment investigation into former Gov. Cuomo

ALBANY, N.Y. (WHEC) — The New York Attorney General’s Office Monday released several additional transcripts and exhibits from its investigation of sexual harassment and workplace misconduct against former Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The investigation found that Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women in and out of state government and worked to retaliate against one of his accusers. A 168-page report based on the findings was released in August.

Cuomo resigned from his position a week later.

The documents released include video testimony from Cuomo as well as several of his accusers. Additionally, exhibits and transcripts from interviews with some of his staff members including secretary Melissa DeRosa and spokesman Rich Azzopardi were released.

As we previously told you, the AG’s office says it’s releasing the documents based on a similar move by the Albany County District Attorney’s Office, which said it had to release certain documents as part of the discovery process in the criminal investigation into Cuomo.

Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi released the following statement Monday afternoon:

“To the surprise of no one, Tish James continues abusing her government power to leverage her political future — prosecutorial misconduct, ethics and integrity be damned. James violated the law in appointing biased reviewers and then she admitted personally interfering in the investigation.

“Today’s manipulated release of hand picked witness testimony with selective redactions is typical. She even edited the Governor’s video testimony! It is also no coincidence that she decided to release select transcripts minutes before one of her rivals declared for governor.

“New Yorkers are no one’s fool and James and her colleagues’ obvious misuse of government resources to damage political opponents is as obvious and repugnant as it is unethical and illegal.”

There are thousands of pages from 10 women who complained about Cuomo.

The additional round in information comes a week after the New York State Assembly Judiciary Committee released its impeachment report of the former governor, finding Cuomo committed multiple instances of sexual harassment, utilized state resources to write his book, and was not transparent in reporting nursing home deaths.

Cuomo’s camp has continued to dispute and deny the findings of both the AG’s report, and the Assembly’s investigation. Just hours after Monday’s report was released, Azzorpardi released a multi-paragraph statement repeating claims of a "politically-biased" investigation. Azzopardi also says Cuomo was not allowed and still has not been allowed, to review the evidence the Assembly has.