Albany lawyer says cockroach release delayed client’s release

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ALBANY, N.Y. (WHEC/WNYT) – Albany City Court had to be fumigated after hundreds of cockroaches were released in the building.

A public defender says if this was some sort of protest, all it did was keep his client in cuffs for longer.

Right now, we know that one person, Clyanna Lightbourn, faces several charges, including disorderly conduct and tampering with evidence.

Court papers say she created a distraction with her phone while other members of the court audience dropped the cockroaches.

This all reportedly started during an arraignment. A court spokesperson says a fight led to the bugs being released in protest.

A lawyer says the court’s shutdown meant his client was handcuffed for hours longer than he would have been before seeing a judge. The lawyer was not present for the cockroach incident.