All sides of the court root for girl with Down syndrome as she sinks basket

SPENCERPORT, N.Y. (WHEC) — Almost all the time, when you’ve got teams playing each other, it means fans are into it and their rooting interests collide.

It can make for a fun atmosphere. But sports also have a way of bringing people together and causing them to root for something bigger.
One local girl did just that in her youth basketball game on Wednesday.

Some things in sports just mean a little bit more than wins and losses.

In a St. John’s of Spencerport and St. John’s of Fairport Catholic Youth Organization basketball game, one girl’s bucket put a smile on everyone’s face in the crowd: When Ava Colon, a girl with Down syndrome cleaned up the glass and finished inside, showing that nothing stands in her way.

The best part of it all was that super celebration.

She’s 10 years old now but has been playing the game since she was three.

She has another one Thursday night but this moment is tough to top and it’s one her mother, Marisol, and her will remember for quite some time.

“Just the fact that she made her shot, she was so excited,” Marisol said. “But also just to feel the support and love of the team, the coaches, the parents, the girls themselves, it’s just a great opportunity for her. The goal—they enjoy winning—and love the competitive part, but they really promote the teamwork and just being kind with each other and working as a team, so that’s the best part of it.”

“We had so much fun!” Ava chimed in.

“Yeah, fun,” her mother said.

Some things are just bigger than the game, and Ava showed us all that no matter what side of the court you’re on or which bench you’re heading to, there are some things that everyone roots for collectively.