Assault of 62-year-old woman at Greece mall prompts employee to raise concern

GREECE, N.Y. (WHEC) — There was an assault Thursday night in the parking lot of the Mall at Greece Ridge. Police say a 62-year-old woman was robbed and assaulted by three teenage girls who then stole her car.

The incident prompted an employee at the mall to come forward and talk about concerns for her safety and the safety of customers.

This employee has been communicating with us for about six months. She’s been reluctant to talk on camera, until now. And even Friday, she asked that we not show her face.

Brean: "When you go to work, do you feel safe?"

Employee: "No."

Brean: "Why not?"

Employee: "There’s a great fear as you enter the workforce not knowing what that day may bring. Theft. Someone getting hurt."

Someone did get hurt in the parking lot outside the Macy’s entrance Thursday night. It’s connected to a crash five miles west on Ridge Road.

The employee who talked to me works at one of the stores in the mall. She says shoplifting is a big problem.

Brean: "Why does that cause you to feel unsafe?"

Employee: "You never know the mentality of the person that’s coming in the store and what they’re going to do or their reaction if you’re shopping and you see them or you’re working and you see them."

I asked Greece Police for a list of how many times they’ve been called to the mall in the past 12 months. As of the posting of this story, they did not share that information.

I asked Macy’s if it’s increased security over the past year. Macy’s wrote, "the safety of our customers and colleagues is always our top priority."

I asked the mall owner if it’s done anything. Wilmorite says it contracts with Greece Police to provide extra security.

Employee: "I just hope that unfortunately the incident that happened last night someone out there is reviewing this and wants to take action to secure safety for all."

I’ve heard details about what happened in the mall parking lot Thursday night. I listened to the police radio calls. But at the moment, we’re waiting for Greece Police to confirm it and share the data we asked for.