Attorney for Daniel Prude’s children: ‘It can’t be swept under the rug’

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Daniel Prude had five children including Nathaniel McFarland.

McFarland lives in Chicago. His lawyer, Steve Schwarz, is in Rochester. Schwarz says McFarland grew up with his mother and was distant from his father but they were repairing their relationship early last year.

Stephen G. Schwarz, Faraci Lange, LLP: "So it hit him especially hard because he was without his dad for many years and he felt like he was coming back into his life and now, of course, he’s deprived of that."

Schwarz says McFarland represents his four brothers and sisters in a lawsuit over their dad’s death.

Brean: "What does he want to see happen now?"

Stephen G. Schwarz: "Well he wants to see some accountability. He doesn’t want this event to go by without some action. It can’t be swept under the rug."

Brean: "You talked to Nathaniel after the attorney general released the decision of the grand jury. What is his reaction tonight?"

Schwarz: "He’s very upset. He’s bewildered based upon the video evidence of what happened to his dad. He was hoping for justice from the criminal justice system. I think where we are now is we have the civil justice system to try to get some accountability."

Schwarz: "He really wanted to express he’s outraged by the decision but he’s hoping there’s not any kind of violent outrage that’s expressed tonight and into tomorrow."

When the attorney general revealed the grand jury’s decision I was watching with the attorney for Daniel Prude’s brother, sister and father. Don Thompson was on this case from the beginning, standing on the steps of City Hall in September with Daniel’s brother Joe Prude.

Brean: "Joe Prude is really the only family member Daniel had here. What do you think Joe is thinking right now?"

Thompson: "I think Joe is probably shocked and surprised as, I assume, many civilians are. How can we watch a death on tape for which officers are not held responsible? If you Berkeley or I killed someone on video you can bet we’d be indicted."

There are lawsuits concerning Daniel Prude’s death in federal court and against the city of Rochester and Rochester Police.
There is also the independent investigation of the city council.