Bills explain end of game decision that led to loss to Titans

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — The Titans had the last of what were seven lead changes in this game on a Derek Henry touchdown with about three minutes left, but the big storyline is just how close the Bills came to putting themselves in a position to score in the waning seconds.

In the final drive, Buffalo couldn’t convert on that 4th & 1 at the Tennessee three, they opted to go for it down by three rather than kick a field goal which could’ve sent the game to overtime.

What really got a lot of fans talking wasn’t the decision to go for it itself, but instead the play call, having Josh Allen attempt the QB sneak right up the middle rather than use more of the field or draw up something a little more creative.

After the game, Sean McDermott was asked why he went that route.

"Felt good about our chances, had a chance to win the game right there and we didn’t get it," he said.

"Didn’t work out in our favor," Josh Allen said. "I didn’t have the greatest footing. I was just trying to find a window to get in there and quarterback sneaks aren’t the funnest [sic] play by any means. I got to find a way to get a first down there so, you know, it happens."