Bills head into draft with depth on mind

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WHEC) – Brandon Beane and company are preparing the Bills war room for Thursday evening, when Buffalo is set to pick 25th overall in the NFL draft.

What they’ll do depends on how the previous selections play out. To that end, Beane has said that the organization is going to follow the board.

Last week, he mentioned that mock drafts will be conducted leading up to the night and that the club will draw out several scenarios to prepare for. Beane also didn’t commit to drafting a specific position player, but instead to surveying the field in order to fill what he characterized as a need for depth in a lot of places.

"I don’t feel we have enough at almost anything," Beane said. "And we’re looking to add everywhere. It just. And I would tell all our players that, like, I’m trying to add as much competition as I can. And after this draft, we’re still going to look because guess what? Some people are going to get released. And if there’s a player that we say, you know what, this guy he could be the 50th player of our 53. I think he can make it. I think he can help us. We’ll try and do it if he makes us that much stronger as a depth piece."