Bristol to Beijing, two local skiers representing Upstate New York

CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. (WHEC) — From Bristol to Beijing, two local skiers are representing upstate New York as well as their training grounds of Bristol Mountain.

"Dylan Walczyk, who just competed, finished top 20 in the whole world," said Steven Fuller, vice president of Bristol Mountain. "He just competed and we’re so excited and so proud. He did such a great job. We also have Chris Lillis, who will be competing next week.”

‘Tis the season for the Winter Olympics. Even in freezing single-digit temps, people say they felt motivated to strap on their gear and head up the mountain.

"I keep trying to run and get another one in before they close.”
“I joined ski club and really enjoyed it, so I tried snowboarding and enjoyed both,” members of the Short family told News10NBC.

Folks who have been gliding down Bristol for years say it’s perfect every time.

"Straight powder no ice at all a lot of powder the terrain park is poppin you get a lot of air,” said Jake Herlan, another skier of the mountain.

News10NBC is your home for Olympic coverage. You’ll be able to catch Lillis compete Thursday morning.