Brittanee Drexel’s mom demands answers following News10NBC investigation

JACKSONBORO, S.C. (WHEC) — A News10NBC investigation turned up a new lead in the disappearance of Brittanee Drexel, the Chili teen who vanished while on spring break in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Now, her mother is demanding that law enforcement follow up on it.

This week marks 10 years since Drexel was last seen and News10NBC learned the investigation into where her remains may be is still very much active.

News10NBC’s Brett Davidsen has a jailhouse informant who says Drexel spent her final days in a trailer which sits on a four-acre overgrown lot 130 miles away from where she was vacationing in Myrtle Beach.

News10NBC reported exclusively Thursday night that the FBI has been to the property in Jacksonboro, South Carolina, recently to look for clues but they have not conducted a full-blown search.

After Dawn Pleckan, Brittinee’s mother, saw our story, she went straight to the sheriff’s department in the county where the trailer sits and demanded a meeting.

"My thoughts on it, something needs to be done. It needs to be done right away. We can’t wait," said Pleckan.

Dawn, another family member and a private investigator working on the case met with the Colleton County sheriff’s major Friday. Dawn says she was told the department will look into it and the earliest they could get out to the property would be on Monday.

"I feel there is some truth to what he’s saying and every lead has to be looked into…I’m hoping we can get some sort of remains so that I’m able to bring her home and we can finally lay her to rest," added Pleckan.

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