Brockport CSD still looking to hire 6 more people

BROCKPORT, N.Y. (WHEC) — For the past few weeks now, the Brockport Central School District has been working on its own staff shortage issues after the district recently canceled a full day of classes.

News10NBC talked to Brockport’s Superintendent of Schools to get an update on their hiring situation.

In an effort to make sure schools stay open five days a week, the district is aggressively hiring new employees. Matter of fact, several were recommended to be hired during Tuesday night’s school board meeting.

Brockport school leaders met for the first time since returning from their December break. On the agenda, a quick discussion on the latest hires by the district. Superintendent Sean Bruno tells us the district beefed up its hiring effort with a three-prong plan focusing on addressing salaries, signing bonuses, and recruitment.

"So in terms of salaries, we adjusted salaries for current employees to mitigate migration," Bruno said. "We have increased starting salaries to be more attractive, and to be able to recruit."

Bruno says this also includes increasing their substitution pay to help increase their pool of substitute employees. Bruno filled us in on the results of the district’s job fair that was held back in November.

"We actually interviewed 43 candidates, and we’ve hired 19 people since then, and as you can see on tonight’s agenda we’re recommending hiring six more people," Bruno said.

The six employees he’s talking about were hired as school bus drivers. They’ll help fill spots left behind by drivers who recently retired due to the pandemic.

"It’s extremely important," said Bruno. He went on to say, "We are moving in the right direction. We’ve hired enough staff. The challenge now is to make sure that they get licensed to be able to drive buses which typically take 3 to 4 months, and we’re working diligently to make sure that happens."

Bruno said the district has money to give.

"We offer new applicants $500, and we also offer our current employees $500 as a signing bonus for referring new applicants," Bruno said.

Brockport isn’t the only local school district that’s looking to hire new people. Visit the webpage of the school district in your community to find all the latest open employment opportunities.