Buffalo Bills share ‘excuse’ for missing work following late night win

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Well, this social media and website poster couldn’t get out of work, but maybe you could!

Following an early Monday morning win in Kansas City, the Buffalo Bills understood many fans were probably way up past their bedtimes watching the thrilling 38-20 finish, so they provided a "note" to excuse them for working.

The note, posted to Twitter reads "To whom it may concern: Please excuse (your name) from work today. They were up late due to a rain delay & an electric Bills win."

It was "signed" by none other than Bills quarterback Josh Allen, who put in some serious "work" himself, throwing for 315 yards and finishing with four total touchdowns in the win.

Hopefully, you all got some sleep, but, if you need the note, there it is. A disclaimer, News10NBC is not responsible if your boss says no.

As for Buffalo (4-1), they should get plenty of rest, as their next game is Monday night on the road at the Tennessee Titans.