Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots Week 16 Game Thread; Bills defeat Patriots, 33-21

FOXBOROUGH, M.A. (WHEC) — The Buffalo Bills visit the New England Patriots for a week 16 matchup that carries playoff implications. Follow along with New 10 NBC’s Jackson Roberts here throughout the game.

The Buffalo Bills are going for it again on the fourth down.

The Bills take control of the ball as player Micah Hyde intercepts.

The Bills lead the Patriots 17 to 7 as halftime is 1:45 away.

It’s halftime! Josh Allen has thrown two touchdowns with 41 yards rushed.

A missed touch down, but Bills player Tyler Bass kicks a 34-yard field goal.

The New England Patriots score a 75-yard touchdown run right up the middle.

Bills player Stefon Diggs was knocked down after what seems like a shoulder issue. Diggs is up and on the sidelines now.

The Bills just scored a major touchdown with Bills player Devin Singletary. The 2-point attempt, however, failed. Bills are still in the lead 26-14.

Bills touchdown! Josh Allen throws to Bills player Dawson Knox. Bills remain in the lead 32-21.

Bills player Micah Hyde had a game-sealing interception. The Bills are now the AFC East leaders!