Bullets strike home on Lakeview Ter with four people inside, at least 18th shooting of home in May

ROCHESTER N.Y. (WHEC) — Bullets hit a house on Lakeview Ter that had four people inside on Monday night.

The shooting in northeast Rochester marks at least the 18th shooting of a home this May.

The Rochester Police Department responded to calls for bullets fired into a home and found evidence of gunfire. No one was injured and no suspects are in custody.

Here are the other home shootings that the RPD reported in May, where no one was injured:

  • May 26 on Cleon Street. An adult and a teenager were inside.
  • May 23 on Parsells Avenue. Two houses were struck. One house had an adult inside and the other was unoccupied.
  • May 17 on Fulton Avenue. Four people were inside.
  • May 13 on Fulton Avenue. A Bullet went through a room where a 14-year-old was sleeping.
  • May 10 on Arnett Boulevard. Five people were inside.
  • May 10 at the corner of Ackerman Street and Bay Street. Three adults and five children, including a 1-year-old, were inside.
  • May 9 and May 10 on Parsells Avenue. The home had two people inside when it was first struck the night of May 9, then it was struck again six hours later when it was unoccupied.
  • May 9 on Wellington Avenue. A Bullet went through a room where a 2-year-old was sleeping.
  • May 9 on Ackerman Street. Four children and two adults were inside.
  • May 9 on Bidwell Terrance. Three people were inside.
  • May 9 at the 300 block of Grand Avenue. Five children and three adults were inside.
  • May 8 at Grand Avenue. Several people were inside.
  • May 3 on Grand Avenue. Two adults and one child were inside. All were nearly struck as gunfire hit the door.
  • May 1 on Bernard Street. Two adults and four children were inside

If anyone has information about any of these shootings, they’re asked to call 911.