Clyde-Savannah schools return to in-person learning following pause due to bus driver shortage

CLYDE, N.Y. (WHEC) — Students in the Clyde-Savannah Central School District will be back in class Friday after a day away Thursday due to a bus driver shortage Thursday.

In an update late Thursday, Superintendent Mike Hayden said the plan was to return to in-person learning, as students pivoted to virtual learning.

Hayden sent an open letter Thursday morning saying the district was dealing with the shortage. His Thursday night mesage did not detail how the shortage was addressed.

Thursday move followed a similar move by the Brockport Central School District, which canceled class for the day due to its shortage. The school is allowing concerts, fundraisers, athletics, and parent-teacher conferences, however.

"I understand it’s not easy to adjust on short notice, but I truly appreciate the support you continue to give," Hayden said." Attendance was excellent and students were engaged."

Hayden left off by saying he’d notify parents if the district’s staffing shortage changed, but as, of the last check, the plan to have kids back appears to be moving forward.