Colds and other common viruses are making a comeback in Rochester during summer months

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Colds and other common viruses are making a comeback in New York as the masks come off and people relax those COVID-19 precautions.

“These viruses basically took a sabbatical for an entire year now that we’re loosening up our social activities these viruses are poking their heads out again,” infectious disease expert Dr. Ed Walsh with Rochester Regional said.

Dr. Walsh said right now the impact is mainly in kids.

“We are now starting to see on a national basis a reemergence of that virus which normally occurs around Thanksgiving and ends around Easter,” Dr. Walsh said. “It’s fairly heavy activity now in Tennessee it’s starting up in Baltimore and we are seeing it here in Rochester.”

Pharmacists said it’s important for parents to think ahead this year.

“So we have had a couple kids admitted recently over the last couple weeks with it,” Pediatric Pharmacist Justin Jopson with Rochester General Hospital said.

Jopson said for the vast majority of kids getting sick, it shouldn’t be a huge concern but said there are some remedies to protect your children.

“Supportive care, making sure they’re drinking adequately if they are really young and formula feeding or breastfeeding that they are still feeding at regular intervals and their appetite hasn’t decreased so keeping a close eye on that,” Jopson said.

He also said if your kids have asthma, the virus could trigger an asthma attack and it’s important to make sure you or your child has their inhaler at all times.

In the meantime, Dr. Walsh said the research on these respiratory viruses will continue case by case and if you are worried seek out your provider immediately.

“It creates a real dilemma,” Dr. Walsh said. “The dilemma is, ‘How do you know these kids aren’t getting COVID?’ and so the level of anxiety that it may induce is more than a typical cold.”