Committee investigating Cuomo impeachment meets Monday

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — The New York State Assembly Judicial Committee, charged with investigating the impeachment of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, meets Monday morning in Albany.

If the governor does not resign since the state attorney general’s investigative report on sexual harassment was released Tuesday, the lawmakers I talked to want to vote on impeachment quickly.

But here’s the thing: The Judiciary Committee on Impeachment isn’t just investigating sexual harassment, it’s also investigating COVID nursing home deaths, the governor’s book deal on leadership in the pandemic and whistleblower complaints on the Mario Cuomo Bridge construction.

Brean: "When do you think the assembly will be in a position to vote?"

Marjorie Byrnes, (R-Avon): "I’m not sure. I’ll have more of an idea after our meeting Monday."

Byrnes is the only local member of the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

Brean: "When do you expect a vote?"

Harry Bronson, (D-Rochester): "Yeah, I don’t know exactly. My preference is within days. It may be a couple of weeks but I don’t believe we’re talking about months."

If the Assembly impeaches the governor, the state constitution says Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul immediately takes over as acting governor. The trial of Gov. Cuomo would be in the State Senate. Bronson said the governor has lost his ability to govern and should resign.

Brean: "Do you see that happening?"

Bronson: "I don’t know. But I would hope that he would listen to the many many folks including elected officials in his own party that are saying it’s time for you to move."

In a recorded statement Tuesday, Gov. Cuomo admitted he got personal with staff but said he never touched anyone inappropriately.

Brean: "You read the attorney general’s report. You heard the allegations. Did you ever witness anything like that when you were working with the governor?

Bronson: "I did not."

Brean: "But you believe what you read in the AG’s report."

Bronson: "I believe the women. I don’t believe him."

Brean: "Assembly democrats met yesterday [Tuesday]. You talked as a caucus. Give me the temperature of the room?"

Bronson: "I think the speaker said it accurately when he put out a statement said it’s very clear that the governor has lost the confidence of the majority members in the Democratic caucus in the Assembly. And we are prepared to move forward."

I asked Bronson about Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul.

Bronson: "I believe that she is qualified and will do a good job as governor and I think it’s important for your viewers to understand — as soon as those articles of impeachment are voted on Kathy Hochul assumes the duties and responsibilities of governor. She will be the acting governor through the trial. If there’s an acquittal and trial then the governor resumes his duties and responsibilities. If not, Kathy Hochul will continue as governor."