Community offering personal treasures to help re-build church that burned down Christmas day

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — The community is contributing their own belongings to help the Seventh-day Adventist Church replace items that perished in a massive fire on Christmas day. Sherry Pickett, from Wayland, saw the devastating news of the fire. Sitting in her living room is a Cornish Pump Organ she wants to donate to the church.

“It’s got a lot of detail, not a scratch on it, and it works!” Pickett said.

Pickett says after seeing the extensive damage the fire left behind, she knew she had the perfect gift to lift the congregation’s spirits.

"This is the stool, these are the pedals. You know if I can help someone out, that’s all that matters,” Pickett told News10NBC.

Pickett says the 1872 style Cornish Pump Organ has been sitting in her living room for over two years. While it gives her a smile, she says she wants to give it away, if it can create a sound of happiness for others.

"It’s sitting here in the corner, and it’s a beautiful piece, but I just thought, they will have a better use for it than I do,” Pickett said.

When Pastor Hanson Drysdale got word of the donation, he explained how overwhelming the community has been in helping his congregation pick up the pieces.

"We would like to take it when the time comes, we can’t do it now because we had to place some of our other equipment in storage, but we are really appreciative of the gifts that we have been given and promised,” Pastor Drysdale said.

Drysdale says he’s been inside the church since the fire. Some of the damage is irreversible, but the communities generosity has helped create more hope for the future.

"We have been in the building, we have gained access to it, but it’s looking pretty bad, I saw footage from a drone, it’s really devastating, the look of it,” Drysdale said.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Pastor Drysdale says other churches in the area have offered to let his congregation hold services in their building. The church has a Gofundme to help with recovery costs, for anyone who would like to donate.