Community reacts to departmental charges against RPD officer in Daniel Prude case

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Although the Rochester Police Department hasn’t said what "departmental charges" Officer Mark Vaughn will face, reaction to the news came quick Thursday night.

One of the first people News10NBC reached out to was Elliot Shields. He’s the attorney that’s been representing Joe Prude and his family.

The announcement of Vaughn being brought up on departmental charges for the detainment, and eventual death of Daniel Prude is good news according to Shields. He says it’s unfortunate that the remaining six officers were not charged.

"Each officer that was present at the scene is equally liable under the law for failing to intervene, and or for actively participating in detaining Daniel Prude, and for his death," Shields said.

No explanation was given by Rochester Police on exactly what "departmental charges" means. Police Accountability Board Executive Director Conor Dwyer Reynolds says he’s not surprised.

"This is typical of the current system we have here in Rochester when it comes to investigating police misconduct. We don’t have a fair, quick, and transparent system, and this is why we need the PAB to get to work," Dwyer Reynolds said.

The news also comes exactly 18 months to the day of Prude being detained by Rochester Police. Dwyer Reynolds said it’s unacceptable that it took 18 months to file the charges.

"We know that the Civilian Review Board came to a conclusion months ago about what should’ve happened. Why don’t we know what they concluded, and why didn’t something happen earlier? That’s my question," Dwyer Reynolds said.

Prude’s attorney says work still needs to be done.

"We’re going to continue to fight for the family, fight for justice, fight for release of all of the information about what happened that led to his death, and what happened to these officers as a result of his death," Shields said.

News10NBC attempted to reach Daniel Prude’s brother, Joe, Thursday night, but was unable to reach him. Shields said that he’s sure that Joe Prude is also disappointed that only Officer Vaughn is facing departmental charges.