Consumer Alert: Get a swig for a shot

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Today I’m alerting consumers to the latest company to give away free stuff to consumers who can prove they’ve been vaccinated.

Now Budweiser is in on the game. That’s right. You take the shot; you get a swig. Budweiser is launching the campaign called "A Beer on Bud." On its website of the same name the self-proclaimed king of beers wants you to upload a selfie getting the shot at the vaccination site or a selfie with your "I got vaccinated sticker" and you get a free beer.

Budweiser is just the latest company to try to lessen the sting of that shot in the arm.

Samuel Adams has a “Shot for Sam” promotion for vaccinated consumers.

And we no longer have a Krispy Kreme in New York, but if you’re traveling through Pennsylvania, you can get a sweet treat.

Krispy Kreme is giving vaccinated patrons a free glazed donut every day until the end of the year.

And remember earlier this week I told you prices are on the rise.

In fact, in March we saw the biggest monthly cost of living increase in nine years. Your grocery bill has gone up almost 3% since January of 2020, and economists say prices haven’t peaked. They continue to climb because of supply chain disruptions made worse by some wild winter weather events recently. NBC News has a really handy price tracker.

They’re following the prices of six staples: Orange juice, eggs, chicken breasts, fresh ground beef, bacon and bread. That tracker shows the average price for those staples around the country as well as right here in New York.

So here’s how that’s useful. My dad lives with us and he loves scrambled eggs. So every morning I make a big breakfast for dad and my kids. I use at least half a dozen eggs every morning. With this tracker, I learned that I’m paying more than the average price in New York for a dozen eggs. So I’m going to start buying that staple somewhere else. I hope this helps arm you with the information you need to keep track of your grocery expenses.

And that’s your consumer alert.