Consumer Alert: Gov. Hochul just signed a package of bills to curb robocalls, what this means for you

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — New York Gov.Kathy Hochul Monday signed off on a package of bills to build on efforts to block robocalls to your phone.

Under the new legislation, telecommunications companies will have to block those calls for certain numbers as a way to prevent those calls from coming in across different providers. A second bill makes it so providers must make sure a call to you is actually coming from the number that shows up.

The third bill adds a federal rule to state law, the rule allows companies to block calls from certain numbers that are most likely to be fake. New Yorkers have had certain protections against unwanted robocalls under state law.

We previously told you about one of the bills.

As we’ve covered in other Consumer Alerts, there are steps you can also take to block calls for good.

Here’s a list.

Former Gov. Cuomo also signed off on robotext legislation earlier this year.