Consumer Alert: Here’s how you know when the price of gas is about to go up.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — What a difference a year makes. In February of last year, the price of gas in New York averaged $2.60 a gallon. Today the state average is $3.68. According to AAA, the average price in Rochester is $3.66. That’s eight cents higher than last week. And I predicted that gas would see a painful spike this week. That’s because the price of crude oil hit $97 a barrel last Monday. That’s the highest price since September of 2014.

Since oil is the main ingredient in gas, when the price of oil goes up, gas prices follow. But it usually takes three to five days for you to see the price hike at the pump, so you have time to fill up. So when you’re driving around with a quarter tank and you’re trying to decide should I fill up now or should I wait a couple of days? Ask Siri to tell you the price of crude oil. If it’s on the way up, fill up now. If it’s lower, wait a couple of days to see if it goes down.

Here are the lowest prices in the Rochester area according to GasBuddy on Monday, Feb. 14, 2022. The price of gas is $3.31 at the Mobile in Webster on Ridge road as well as the BJ’s in Henrietta. At East West Energy in Irondequoit on Culver and Delta Sonic on Main Street in Rochester, it’s $3.34. And it’s $3.35 at Walmart, Costco and Delta Sonic on West Henrietta.

Holy Guacamole! The price of avocados is about to skyrocket!

And I hope you enjoyed your guacamole yesterday during the super bowl because the price of avocados is about to skyrocket. The U.S. has paused all avocado inspections in Mexico because someone called an inspector’s cell phone and threatened him. And we take those threats seriously because cartels control much of Mexico’s avocado crop.

Mexico is the largest producer of the fruit in the world, and 80% are exported to the U.S. So if the flow of the fruit from Mexico is plugged, expect the price to go way up in the days ahead. So if you have an avocado craving, pick some up at the grocery store before the price hike.

And yes, you can freeze them. Click here for directions on freezing and thawing them successfully.