Consumer Alert: T-Mobile’s CEO apologizes for the breach. Here’s how you sign up for identity theft protection.

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — As I told you last week, T-Mobile confirms that cyber thieves stole the personal information of more than 50 million customers. I’ve been reaching out to T-Mobile almost every day for two weeks, and today she finally got some answers.

The lengthy email shares Mike Sievert, CEO of T-Mobile’s blog post. The letter starts with apologies, admissions and admonitions of the burglar who breached their security systems. It’s not until paragraph 10 that it finally addresses what every customer wants to know: Was my personal information exposed?

It reads, "As of today, we have notified just about every current T-Mobile customer or primary account holder who had data such as name and current address, social security number, or government ID number compromised.”

Customer service agents told me that if you were exposed, you should have gotten a text message informing you of that.

The letter goes on to say, "T-Mobile customers or primary account holders who we do not believe had that data impacted will now see a banner on their account login page letting them know."

Regardless of whether your information was compromised, the letter also says the company is offering all its customers free identity theft protection, encourages customers to sign up for spam shield, its free spam blocker, as well as T-Mobile’s account takeover protection.

Here’s why that’s important. This breach may make it easier for thieves to do something called a SIM swap.

That’s when thieves essentially steal your phone number by switching your number from your SIM card to theirs. Here’s how to prevent that. Go to T-Mobile’s data breach web page.

Scroll down to the section titled: “What you can do.” There you’ll find links to sign up for identity theft protection, Scam Shield, T-Mobile’s spam blocker and Account Takeover Protection.

I learned something else today. As you know, T-Mobile and Sprint have merged. If you’re a Sprint customer and you haven’t taken action to migrate your account to T-mobile, you were not affected by this breach, but you can still sign up for all the protections.