Consumer Alert: Yikes! Pain at the pump. Here’s how to find the cheapest gas

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — If you’re like most, you fill up your car at the beginning of each week. And if that’s the case, you’re likely reeling from the price. I usually find the cheapest price in the area, but cheap is relative… isn’t it?

And that’s still painful, but it’s 30 cents cheaper than you’ll find it anywhere else. AAA says the average price right now in Rochester is $3.50. That’s up a nickel since last week. And the price of crude oil is to blame. It ended last week at a seven-year high because of fears of a war between oil-rich Russia and Ukraine. The price of crude dipped Monday, but we’re not likely to see relief at the pump.

So if you’re looking for the cheapest gas in our area, here’s a list:

  • $3.24 — Costco and Walmart at Marketplace
  • $3.25 — Racetrack on Goodman Street.
  • $3.26 — BJ’’s in Henrietta.
  • $3.29 — Fastrac at 672 East Main.
  • $3.34 — Speedway on East Henrietta Road.

Want to know how I know? There’s an app for that. I got that information from Gas Buddy.

You, too, can buy the cheapest gas in the area every time you fill-up. And it adds up.

My car holds about 16 gallons of gas. If I save 30 cents a gallon every time we fill up, that’s $4.80 cents a tank. I fill up four times a month. That’s $19.20. And there are three drivers in my family. So if you multiply that times three, my family is saving $57.60 cents a month.

So while you may be thinking, “It’s just 30 cents. I stop when it’s convenient.” Think about how much that adds over time. An app can help you find the cheapest gas near you. Here are my favorites: