Cost of diesel is driving up prices at local grocery stores

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — We’re witnessing a surge at the pump. Gas prices are at a record high at the local, state and national level and the overall impact is driving up our prices almost everywhere and it’s even worse for diesel fuel, now up $2.41 from this time last year.

Hegedorn’s Market Manager Jon Gonzalez said right now they are seeing a big ripple effect because of diesel and gas prices, making the price of things like potato products to soups to paper products slowly rise, costing you more money overall.

“Now with the gas prices, we’re seeing some pretty dramatic increases in the cost of a lot of goods,” manager Jon Gonzalez said.

If you shop at any grocery store you’ve seen the impact that the skyrocketing gas and diesel prices have on your shopping list.

“Sometimes we’ll see an increase,” Gonzalez said. “That’s just, it’s kind of shocking, to be honest, and that that happens more often recently than it ever has in the past. Before, it was very gradual, very consistent. Now it’s kind of all over the place and, you know, we’ve seen double-digit increases on certain products.”

Gonzalez said since the price of diesel is up, the price of their products is too.

“How are these gas prices going to change their spending habits? Gonzalez said. "Are they going to cut back on certain items? And it seems like that’s definitely going to be the case. It’s just a matter of, you know, kind of how this summer goes and you know, how it trends overall.”

“I normally have one gas station that I seek out where the prices are a little lower,” shopper Jane Passamonte said.

She said she now pays more attention to where she goes for gas, groceries and other goods.

“Everything is higher,” Passamonte said. “And it used to be that I just didn’t pay attention to what I was paying, for groceries if I wanted something, I just went and bought it but I make some choices now,” Passamonte said.

Gonzalez said while some items have been hard to find since the pandemic, most things they are able to find at a cost.

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