Despite COVID numbers, schools still remain one of the safest places for students

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Parents can now keep track of how many people at their child’s school currently has COIVD-19.

The State’s Report Card website is up and running again, News10NBC takes a look at some of the numbers for schools in Monroe County.

Just last week we reported on the Victor Central School District which had about 170 students, and adults that were in quarantine. As of Monday, the number of people in quarantine is about 190. Parents now will be able to see the daily reported number of students, teachers, and other staff members who tested positive in their district.

When it comes to COVID-19 positivity rates in our schools, Bo Wright, the President of the Monroe County Council of School Superintendents says despite the numbers schools still remain one of the safest places for students. In fact, he says the numbers throughout Monroe County are not surprising.

"We sort of knew that when you bring a lot more students in the buildings that there was the potential there to see some increases in terms of cases, and potential exposures," said Wright.

Taking a look at some of the numbers on the COVID-19 Report Card Dashboard, we see large school districts like Rochester City currently tops the list with 143 students who tested positive for COVID. Thirty-two teachers and staff also have the virus for a total of 175.

Mid-sized school districts like Rush-Henrietta have 29 COVID positive students, and three teachers for a total of 32. At the very bottom of the list, Wheatland-Chili Central School District reports only six students and one staff member with the virus.

"You’re gonna see some higher rates of positive cases in schools where you have higher numbers of students that aren’t vaccinated. We’ve discussed that with the department of health," said Wright.

He goes on to say, all school districts continue to work closely with the county’s department of health, as these numbers fluctuate from district to district.

"So I think it really just underscores the importance of continuing to make sure that we’re vigilant in terms of implementing the practices that we know are going to slow the spread," said Wright.

Click here for quick access to the COVID-19 Report Card for your child’s school.