Dewey Avenue neighbors holding Halloween events in hopes of keeping kids safe

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — An RCSD student is recovering after being shot walking to the bus stop Wednesday morning. It happened on Alameda Street and Dewey Avenue.

Violence has been an ongoing issue in that area and with Halloween coming up this weekend, one group is working to make sure the kids stay safe.

“We believe that high visibility deters violence. we also want to keep our families in the community and be able to enjoy our neighborhoods,” Brothers and Sisters Unisex Shop Owner Devon Bey said.

Bey is planning two Halloween events. The first is a pumpkin carving Friday at the Maplewood Family YMCA.

The second will be held on Sunday for a trunk or treat at the shop and a neighborhood safeguard event with security on hand.

“We want to be able to provide safe passage for the trick or treaters as well as give security to the parents so they can feel comfortable letting the kids come out,” Bey said.

Bey said the news of an RCSD student being shot early Wednesday morning walking to the bus was a shock, but also says violence in this neighborhood has become a norm and it’s something they want to see changed.

“Frederick Douglass once said that it’s easier to build up a kid than to repair a broken man and that’s what we’re trying to get to. Go straight to the kids and the youth and just show them that love and compassion and hopefully be an ear for the community as well as we plan on going to these schools,” Bey said.

With the goal to hopefully teach the young kids early on that there’s a different path they can take.

“Either it’s going to lead to jail or the morgue and the reality of it is if they don’t educate themselves and we don’t provide safe havens and programs for them.. we’re just as vicious as the killers out here if we allow it to keep going on," Bey said.

Both events will start around 6 p.m. Bey said they are still looking for volunteers and candy donations.

If you’re interested in donating and volunteering you can visit the shop or call him at 585-230-3703.