Election officials expect to begin absentee count and ballot recount next week

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Monroe County Democratic Committee Chair Zach King is calling on everyone to wait until all ballots are counted before claiming any victories until all ballots are counted. There are still many absentee ballots that have not yet been accounted for.

Several county legislature races, including the race for Irondequoit town supervisor, are too close to call. There are some races that will be determined by absentee ballots.

King and Republican Chair Bernie Iacovangelo both stressed the importance of counting all legal ballots. This includes absentee, affidavit, early votes and votes on Election Day. Part of what the Board of Elections is dealing with is sometimes when you’re filling out any type of paperwork, like something for the DMV, it can be easy to misread, or maybe not fill out properly.

Both parties told News10NBC the goal is to ensure legal, properly filled out ballots are counted.

"They ship it back to you and say you didn’t fill it out properly, what we’re trying to do, Stephanie, is basically ensure that all legal ballots are counted,” Iacovangelo said.

"Every ballot, either absentee, affidavit, early vote or even from election day will more than likely be counted twice in these races to ensure the accuracy of the election,” King added.

The Monroe County Board of Elections expects to begin the absentee count and ballot recount on Nov. 15 and hopes to have races called soon after.