Experts predict an expensive Thanksgiving this year

(NBCNC) — Your Thanksgiving dinner will likely take a bite out of your budget this month.

Ingredients for your traditional Turkey Day, dishes like cranberry sauce and yams — could be pricier and more scarce this year.

Experts say that’s because of increases in the cost of shipping materials, delivery disruptions and higher consumer demand.

After COVID-19 forced many people to have smaller holiday celebrations last year, people are planning larger gatherings this year because of vaccine availability.

But no matter how you plan to gobble ’til you wobble, economists and budget bloggers say there are still plenty of ways to save.

When it comes to the turkey: Consider buying a smaller one, or opting for a less expensive meat.

Experts suggest shopping early this year and using a rebate app or grocery store card to save money.

You could also host a potluck dinner and create a sign-up sheet of "who’s bringing what".

If you do plan on cooking and paying for the entire meal, have an idea of how much they’re willing to spend per person.

So don’t let the poultry prices ruffle up your feathers, instead, follow these turkey tips for a stress-free feast.