Farm in the middle of Rochester is vaccination site Saturday

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — We went looking for different places where people can get their vaccine and we found one in an oasis in the middle of the city.

"These are our green grapes," said farmer Allen Griffith.

Griffith is the lead farmer at the Vineyard Farm near Bay Street in Rochester.

They bring in kids from the city to learn how to grow and nurture food.

It’s run by Sister Marsha Allen.

Sister Marsha L. Allen, The Vineyard Farm: "We have to recognize that we have an enemy that’s not leaving and we can’t operate as though it’s not here because it is."

Saturday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., the Vineyard Farm is running a vaccination clinic and if people don’t want the shot, they have survival kits, bags of masks and hand sanitizer.

Sister Marsha L. Allen: "To protect themselves and their family."

Monroe County reported 60 new COVID cases Friday. The infection rate is 2.4%.

In the spring of 2020, a person with COVID would infect two to three people.

The delta variant now shows one person can infect eight to nine people and the CDC says vaccinated people can pass it along.

Brean: "I think people who were vaccinated thought they were out of the woods and now it sounds like we’re not."

Dr. Emil Lesho, infectious disease Rochester Regional Health: "I would disagree. I would say you’re quite out of the woods if you’re vaccinated."

Dr. Emil Lesho is an infectious disease expert at Rochester Regional Health. He says if you are vaccinated you are still highly unlikely to be very sick, in the hospital or in the ICU.

Dr. Emil Lesho: "This is a preventable disease right now. People who are ending up in the hospital are uniformly people who are not vaccinated."

Brean: "Doctor, what are you seeing right now with children, especially under 12, coming into your office?"

Dr. LeKeyah Wilson, pediatrician Rochester Regional Health: "So we do see some of the symptoms of runny nose, sore throat, maybe a little bit of congestion. And those are individuals that we will test to see if they are positive for COVID. Some are and some are having seasonal allergies."

Dr. LeKayah Wilson — also part of the Rochester Regional System — says she tells her parents to get their children vaccinated if they’re old enough.

Dr. LeKeyah Wilson: "It protects your child, it’s protects their classmates, it protects the family. Everyone who is eligible for the vaccine should get it."

Brean: "Do you think kids in camp Dr. Lesho, should be wearing masks right now?"

Dr. Emil Lesho: "That’s a tough one. It depends, we’ll have to follow it. If the prevalence gets higher and we start talking about a 5% positivity rate I think that would be something to consider. I think if I had a kid in daycare and we were approaching 5% positivity rate I would say wear a mask. This is what I would tell my kid. And if it’s too much to wear a mask, don’t go to summer camp. I think if you’re outside you’re a lot safer."