First Alert Weather In-Depth: Is a January thaw on its way?

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Are you getting tired of the Arctic weather? It seems like it just goes on and on!

Glenn Johnson went In-Depth Monday on something called the January thaw. This is similar to the Indian Summer. The Indian Summer is an extended period of unseasonably mild weather that usually happens in the fall season. It is an annual event and the January thaw is a similar kind of climate event.

This is a quick look at the definition. It is an extended period of mild weather that is supposed to reoccur each year. Obviously during the month of January through the Northeast. As a result, we usually get a couple of days of above-average temperatures. The problem is that it has not happened this year.

Here is the evidence: Just take a look at the month of January. So far we have had a few isolated days of milder weather. But it really has not lasted very long. We already have had eighteen days with below-average temperatures. So what is the reason for this? You do not have to go any further than the weather pattern.

Look at the polar vortex. You can see it is definitely located much further to the south than normal and that has pushed the jet stream well to the south of Western New York. At this point, we are stuck in this weather pattern. But we see a change coming. Finally, this weather pattern will start to modify. It is going to take about a week, but the change will come by the first week of February. That will probably bring some milder weather.

So we are going to get the January thaw in the month of February.


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