First Alert Weather: Quiet and cold until we head towards Christmas

After some rain snow, sleet, and freezing rain yesterday, temperatures have cooled down once again as they are in the 20s early this morning. Temperatures will remain on the cool side today with highs only near freezing and wind chills likely in the low 20s through the rest of our Sunday. Also, with the temperatures expected to be on the colder side, all of what fell yesterday has frozen over and will continue to be frozen through today. So, heads up out the door today for slick conditions on roadways, sidewalks, and parking lots. Give yourself some extra time to scrape off that ice from your car as well. Although today will be a cold day across Western NY and the Finger Lakes, the sun will return. After cloud cover this morning, breaks in the clouds will give way to some sun later in the day. However, as mentioned above, it will not feel that much warmer out there with wind chills in the 20s. The cold weather continues into tonight as temperatures will drop into the teens by Monday morning. With light winds out the door Monday, it will also once again feel colder. Fells-like temperatures will drop near 10 degrees out early, with localized areas in the single digits, Monday morning. Overall though, things remain rather quiet and seasonable this week until we head into Christmas where an are o low pressure wants to bring us some unsettled weather.

After a cold start Monday, temperatures will make their way to the upper 30s and generally remain in the upper 30s for afternoon high through the remainder of the work week. This week will generally be quiet as well with mainly cloudy skies and the chance for an isolated snow shower or flurry through the majority of it. On Christmas, we will be tracking an area of low pressure moving east from the Central US which could bring us a smorgasbord of weather for St. Nick. At this moment, models are signaling that an area of low pressure will move north through the Central US and allow for a second area of low pressure to form along a dissipating cold front and move east. There is uncertainty with this, but models are showing this second area of low pressure moving north of us and lifting a warm front north as well. This means we will once again be on the warmer side of things with a bit of snow quickly changing over to rain. Track will determine our precipitation type because if it slides south of us the door for snow to fall on Christmas will be open. For this, we would need some changes to occur. First, we would need high pressure to our east on Christmas Day to be stronger and further south to force low pressure south. We are still several days away, and it is good news that we are not in the bullseye for snow this far out, but just be aware for unsettled weather heading into Christmas across our region locally. For the latest updates on our unsettled weather for Christmas, follow the First Alert Weather Team as we keep you updated this week.