FLCC hosting Cannabis Business Incubator Symposiums

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — If you’re interested in running your own cannabis business, you’ll be happy to know that the first of many cannabis educational workshops kicked off Friday in Rochester. Another one is scheduled for Saturday morning as we move closer to the open sale of legal marijuana.

These "Cannabis Business Incubator Symposiums" are intended to give those interested in this new career path information on how to get licensed, then grow their cannabis business from seed to sale.

"I think it’s exciting. There’s room for everyone in this space. There really is," said Glenna Colaprete, Adjunct Professor in cannabis cultivation at Finger Lakes Community College.

As the City of Rochester prepares for the legal sales of adult-use cannabis, local marijuana experts continue meeting with anyone interested in joining this budding industry as it develops. Saturday’s workshop will be held at Finger Lakes Community College.

Most in attendance will be there to find out what it takes to get a license to sell.

The state will prioritize licenses for retail cannabis sales to hemp farmers and business owners previously convicted of marijuana offenses. Attorneys will be on hand to explain exactly how one will qualify for the first 100, or so licenses.

"Again it’s just an initial license," Colaprete said. "There will be, you know—obviously—multiple license opportunities that roll out. Obviously, the state is working really hard to try to make sure that it is inclusive, and it’s going to people that were disproportionately affected."

Colaprete said there will be a host of experts there to address different aspects of the marijuana business.

"We have our horticulture teachers. We have our cultivation experts. Finger Lakes Community College just received a license to grow hemp on campus," Colaprete said.

Attendees will also hear from some national experts from cities where the legal sale of adult-use cannabis is already on the books.

"People from Illinois, Florida, you know those that can denote best practices. What worked, what didn’t work. What were the pitfalls so we can learn from them as the state is doing, and try to minimize the angst if you will as the state rolls out this adult-use cannabis program," Colaprete said.

Click here to buy tickets for Saturday’s workshop, and to see the full schedule of discussions.