Friend of Brittanee Drexel: ‘It’s a good feeling to know that no one’s forgotten about her’

We’re taking a closer look at the investigation into the disappearance of Brittanee Drexel.

Over the weekend, crews searched a wooded area south of Myrtle Beach for her remains. FBI agents told News10NBC they have advanced the case and now have more work to do based on the leads they discovered.

Our crews were in Georgetown, South Carolina as federal agents and local police combed through the woods along a dead-end dirt road looking for clues. They are still not saying if they discovered anything tangible in the ground there.

Monday, we spoke with Tarah Friedman — she’s been friends with Brittanee since they were 15. She now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, but continues to follow the case closely. She says she’s encouraged by the search.

"Between all the counties, with the federal agents now working on the case and it’s progressing," she says. "It’s very positive and it’s a good feeling to know that no one’s forgotten about her. They’re not giving up on Brittanee."

Tarah says Brittanee’s disappearance nearly eight years ago has influenced her career path. She is now a law student and says she wants to someday advocate for missing children who may have been victims of trafficking.