Good Question: How many kids are allowed on a school bus?

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — It is two weeks into the new school year and a lot of you still have questions about buses.

A viewer wanted to know: How many students are allowed on each school bus in New York State?

This is something we’ve addressed before and it’s really a case by case, district by district decision.

According to state guidelines, districts are told to do what you have to do to make this work and keep students safe: maintain social distancing and everyone who can wear a mask has to wear one while on the bus.

Students will have to spread out unless they’re sitting with a brother, sister or cousin who lives with them.

As for passenger expectations, there’s no set number for kids.

For one local example, Webster school officials cut bus capacity to less than half of what they would run on a normal school day. So, if you have a bus made for 60 people it should only make trips carrying 20 to 30 kids at most.

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