Good Question: What’s going on at the DMV?

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Our goal is to make this clear and simple. What’s going on at the DMV and how can you get what you need to get done without any hassle?

As odd as it might sound, going to the DMV might actually be easier than it ever has been.

News10NBC’s Brennan Somers took a list of your Good Questions to the Monroe County Clerk Jamie Romeo.

SOMERS: One thing that still keeps coming up–people think that you just can’t walk into the DMV like you walk into a grocery store to pick up things to do business. What do you say to them?

ROMEO: I would tell them all to come on in. We have been open to walk-ins for Monroe County DMV since this past spring. We are open every day for walk-ins, all four branches from 8:30 to 3:30. The only things we’re asking appointments for are for any kind of in-person testing or if you’re going to get your REAL I.D. or an enhanced driver’s license. Other than that, we’re open and we’re ready to serve.
So most things you can take care of by just showing up. If you do need appointments, don’t think it’s like it was in the middle of the pandemic with people fighting for bookings on the appointments page.

SOMERS: How far out it is now compared to how it was?

ROMEO: We know that there continues to be a big demand for commercial driver’s license exams. Those require to be in-person. Those require specific, state-issued equipment and they take a long time. So we know that those book out the farthest. Other than that, we’re commonly told and when we check our system, if you want to make your appointment, oftentimes you’re able to make an appointment within the next day or within that same week of your desired time.

Here’s a bit of the rundown as a reminder:

  • Apply for CDL Permit- need an appointment
  • Apply for Class D, DJ, M Learner Permit- need an appointment
  • Upgrade to Enhanced/Real ID- need an appointment

What you can’t do at the DMV or clerk’s office is recertify pistol permits.

The window is open for some gun owners required to do that again starting this year under the SAFE Act.

Those renewals go through state police.

The best news for all of us? The days of hour– hour and a half waits at the DMV seem to be gone from what we can tell.

Lunch hour used to be the worst time to go. Now it’s not bad at all. Mid-morning is also a pretty good time to swing by.