Good Question: Where’s my car registration sticker?

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Did your registration come up recently? The New York State DMV has been dealing with some problems with that–specifically delays.

Is it all fixed?

Patty reached out to News10NBC’s Brennan Somers: My New York State Registration for my vehicle was due on January 24, 2022. I registered it on December 24, 2021 online & paid it online. Weeks later I get an email stating & to download a temporary registration until March 2022 & to place the temp. in the window of my vehicle. What is the delay? Have other people had this problem?

Yes, a lot of people have.

The issue is tied to pandemic shortages.

Late last year, the NYSDMV started having trouble getting the stickers we all put on our windshields. This wasn’t just a minor hiccup, some 400,000 drivers all stuck in the same boat waiting at one point.

That’s why they extended the expiration dates on temporary registrations from 10 to 90 days for those customers.

NYSDMV officials in Albany told Somers they are catching up, adding “In January, we issued registration stickers to all of those customers, well before the end of the 90-day extension, and we resumed our regular, on-schedule mailing process."

While there *shouldn’t* be any more long waits to get the real stickers in the mail they are keeping the 90 day window for your temporary docs.

Somers just happened to renew his registration the other day. It’s good through May 11th.

Barring any other supply chain issues this spring, he should have the sticker well before then.

That’s a state DMV issue fixed. We know you’ve had other issues and questions about our local DMV’s so Somers is helping clear everything up in a Good Question special all about the DMV here in Monroe County.

He’s taking your concerns to the clerk. You’ll see that Monday night on News10NBC at 5.