Good Question: Who doesn’t have to wear masks in schools?

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Our good question this morning: Who doesn’t have to wear masks in schools?

News10NBC has talked a lot about the different masks for kids who will have to wear them at school, but there are a few exceptions for students who can’t for medical reasons.

Local districts have been working with county health departments on this in accordance with New York State guidance.

For example, here’s the guidance posted on the reopening plans for Monroe One BOCES:

Currently accepted diagnoses to justify an exemption from wearing a face-covering are:

  • A previously documented neuromuscular disorder that makes it difficult for a child to independently remove a face covering.
  • A child with a previously diagnosed, severe developmental/behavioral problem.
  • A child diagnosed with a serious emotional disturbance or other significant mental health issue that the child’s behavioral health team feels would be exacerbated if the child had to wear a face covering.

School officials say you’ll need a note from your doctor or child’s medical team to qualify, and it has to be specific why they can’t wear a mask. Then, districts will work with you on a plan.

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