Gubernatorial candidates weigh in on Cuomo’s resignation

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s resignation goes into effect in 14 days, then Gov. Kathy Hochul will become the governor of New York.

Hochul will serve the remainder of Cuomo’s term, which is up in 2023. During the 2022 gubernatorial election, Hochul would be the incumbent, if she chooses to run for reelection.

A number of Republicans are currently running for governor of New York, including 2014 gubernatorial GOP nominee, Rob Astorino, Lewis County Sheriff Mike Carpinelli, Rudy Giuliani’s son, Andrew Giuliani and Long Island Congressman Lee Zeldin.

Zeldin sent the following statement Tuesday:

“Andrew Cuomo’s statement today is a clear indication he is resigning to skirt all repercussions for his actions as opposed to accounting for his misconduct. He knows he would be impeached. He knows he would be voted out of office. Andrew Cuomo broke the law and criminal repercussions must follow, despite him no longer serving in public office. From his deadly nursing home order and coverup, to his $5.1 million self-congratulatory book deal and serial harassment and abuse of others, he’s been unfit to continue serving for a long period of time.

“Unfortunately, for New Yorkers, we’re left with Cuomo’s Lieutenant who empowered this disgusting behavior while Andrew Cuomo cultivated this toxic culture, leaving a trail of victims in its wake. Kathy Hochul has been silent scandal after scandal, from fatal nursing home policies and coverups to rampant harassment, intimidation, bullying and abuse. In November of 2022, we must rid New York of the Cuomo-Hochul administration and its disgraceful legacy. We need new leadership in New York to end the attacks on our freedoms, our wallets and our safety, and Save Our State.”

“Every New Yorker, regardless of who they vote for, where they live or how much they make, deserves much better than this. The last three Democrat Governors have left office embroiled in scandal. Albany corruption is systemic, fundamental and real. One-party Democrat rule enables this type of malign behavior. It’s not just about Cuomo, it’s about those who continue to preserve the status quo and have failed to learn from the mistakes of the past. Voters in New York need to take back control of how we are governed and set the standards we want for those who are given the honor of serving us.”

Andrew Giuliani sent the following statement Tuesday:

“While it is undoubtedly a good day for anyone who has lived under the reign of Andrew Cuomo over the past decade, today I implore you to focus on the two competing visions that are the future of New York. Will New York continue to go down the dead-end path that has seen jobs leave our great state and our businesses leave at a mass-exodus pace? Or will we, through smart regulation and tax cuts make New York the economic center of the world again as it has been for much of the past few centuries? Will New York continue to go down the path of rising violent crime from our great cities to our rural areas or will we empower our police officers again to make sure that New York is one of the safest states in the world. I believe that our next leader is going to be one of the most important leaders in the history of New York. That is why I decided to run for governor nearly three months ago and it’s why I will continue to press on, because I know that New York’s greatest chapters are still to be written. I entrust our citizens to make that decision when the time is right because now more than ever, New York needs a leader that’s going to trust the 19.5 million New Yorkers and not focus solely on preserving power for themselves.”