High Acres Landfill allowed to keep operating despite smell—with some conditions

*This story has been updated since its initial posting to clarify the zoning board’s actions*

PERINTON, N.Y. (WHEC) — Despite past complaints about the smell coming from the High Acres Landfill, the Perinton Zoning Board Thursday night approved a permit renewal that will allow waste management to continue operating it, but with some conditions.

The board says the number of documents from its conservation team with the standards on odor control was the most on any application they’ve ever seen. They also took into account at least 500 pages worth of public comments and more.

The long list of new requirements includes limiting the amount of trash brought in by train from New York City to no more than half of High Acres’ total intake, which officials say could cut the amount of trash by 100,000 tons a year.

A new Host Community Agreement is being developed that would authorize Waste Management to keep operating and would replace a month-to-month arrangement in place since the previous agreement expired in 2018. A town spokesman says the agreement shoud be finished by the end of the year, and would be brought before a public hearing before the town board would eventually vote.

The smell around the landfill has been a point of contention for years.

"Sufficient precautions have been taken to prevent fires or the creation and spread of smoke odor dust fumes or noises liable to become a nuisance temporary cover is provided at the end of each day and revegetation has been appropriately provided," said Perinton Zoning Board of Appeals Chair Robin Ezell.

There were no public comments on the issue Thursday night, but News10NBC has previously spoken to Fresh Air for the Eastside.

The advocacy group for neighbors has said it’s disappointed that the town is not seeking the permanent capping and closing of the Perinton side of High Acres.