Hit and run victim left on road ‘like she was garbage,’ Greece PD need help finding the car

GREECE, N.Y. (WHEC) — The family of a hit-and-run victim invited News10NBC to their home in the hopes someone will see this story and tell police what they know.

31-year-old Kristine Harris is at Strong Hospital with a broken ankle, broken leg, broken pelvis and injured back. She’s had 11 hours of surgery since she was hit by a car.

Her mother and fiancé walked me to the end of their driveway on Ridgeway Avenue where they say Kristine was snow blowing when she was hit by a car.

It happened around 6 o’clock Sunday evening.

"I believe she was right on the corner of the driveway here," Britany Fields said. "A car came from behind and hit her. She was airborne. She was thrown over in front of the mailbox and she was in the shoulder of the street."

A short time later a driver saw Kristine in the road and used his car to protect her.

The Ring camera on Kristine and Britany’s house captured the driver coming to the door to alert Britany.

Britany and Kristine’s mother credit that man with saving Kristine’s life.

"This is a very busy road," Laurie Hoover said. "She definitely would have gotten hit again and I don’t think she would have survived that."

Kristine is the head cook at an assisted living center in Greece. She and Britany are engaged and the wedding is next October.

The left handle of the snowblower Kristine was using is bent outward about 90 degrees. That’s why Britany and Laurie Hoover believe there must me noticeable damage to the car that hit Kristine.

"A human being was hit and they left her on the side of the road like she was garbage," Britany said. "I just want someone to admit what they did because it’s just the right thing to do. I don’t know how anyone could look at themselves knowing that they hurt somebody like that and just left her."

Greece Police confirmed what the family told me and say it’s an open, criminal investigation.

The family says Kristine is looking at four to six months of intense rehab.

If you know something, call 911 and share it or email Greece Police on its tip line: gpdtips@greeceny.gov.