‘I really don’t have any concerns’: Spring travelers on spike in COVID cases

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — People are "springing" out of town to enjoy Easter weekend and school break, even though we’ve seen COVID cases rising.

Some people waiting to board flights for spring break tell News10NBC’s Stephanie Duprey, they aren’t too worried.

"I really don’t have any concerns,” David Stone told us, who landed in Rochester from Florida.

Tim Nothnagle, who was also in the sunshine state, says, he sees more masking in the metro area than anywhere else.

"Everyone’s wearing their mask half down, I’m coming from Florida, where there are no masks, hardly at all, so people from there aren’t wearing them. Coming from there and then here and seeing masks is not really what we’re used to,” Nothnagle said.

COVID cases in Monroe County spiked this week. In an update Friday, the state says Monroe County also had a 32% increase in flu cases. Masks are still required at the airport, but we saw some with and some without.

"I’m not surprised that the numbers are up here in Rochester,” Don Walsh said.

New York Native Don Walsh said he landed in Rochester from Las Vegas for Easter weekend. He said he saw very few masks up when he got to the Empire State.

"I stopped in Chicago coming through it was big-time ‘use your mask’ in the airport, and I came here, and I see half the people don’t have any so I put mine in my pocket,” Walsh said, surprised.

"I think people are letting their guard down and the variants seem to be getting weaker and not as serious,” Stone said.

Health officials say, as this pandemic has already proven, there are chances for more spikes after a holiday.

"Based on past experience may very well be predictive of a spike so I would encourage people to be vigilant with masks and hand hygiene. If you’re going to be on a plane or in a crowded place consider getting a booster or get it if your booster timing is right,” Dr. Robert Mayo said, with Rochester Regional Health.

We also asked travelers if they were still testing, whether that was an at-home test, or through a doctor’s office.

"I don’t test, I feel fine, so I don’t think there is a need for me to test right now,” Stone admitted.

"My daughter is a nurse, and she asked me if I had to test before I got on the airplane, and I did not,” Walsh added.

Traveling requirements can be different from one location to another, so while you might not need a COVID test for your four-hour flight, crossing the border, you very well might.

"Be sure that they have COVID testing results in place so they don’t get stuck at borders or unanticipated or disappointing changes to their plans,” Mayo added.