‘I’m afraid to walk the halls,’ one RCSD teacher says about Friday incident

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — One teacher tells News10NBC she’s afraid to walk the halls.

Employee unions are planning to demand tougher action from the Rochester City School District. Ruth Card, a Special ED teacher at Franklin High School, says she never thinks twice about being a protective shield for a student. Friday at the school, one incident put her arm in a sling, and four other teachers needed medical attention.

Card says she was punched multiple times by a student when she tried to break up a fight.

"The first punch was in the back of the shoulder, and I don’t know how I did it but I just got on top of the other student just to protect her,” Card said.

Card says Friday morning, a student "barged" into her classroom, attacking another student. She described what happened.

"The student that barged in brutally attacked her, punching her, picking her up throwing her over desks, they landed on the floor,” Card said.

Rochester Teachers Association President Adam Urbanski says the district needs to act immediately. They are asking that disruptive students be sent back to remote learning.

"That student who probably isn’t learning, anyway, in the regular environment is preventing others from learning and teaching and represents a danger and needs needs help,” Urbanski said.

As for Card, she says she may be back to work next week, but fears this will happen again if nothing is done.

"I’m afraid to walk the hall during passing time, especially when I have to go to another class with my laptop and other items I have to carry with me.”

Urbanski says RTA is calling on the district for an immediate directive. News10NBC has reached out to the district for a statement.