In-Depth: How is crime down overall in Rochester if we hit a homicide record?

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Rochester leaders have said that overall, crime is down this year, yet at the same time, the city broke its homicide record at a record 79 as of Dec. 10.

News10NBC went In-Depth on the Monroe County Crime Analysis Center’s data to find out why those seemingly-contradictory figures exist.

In Rochester, homicides are up by 126% this year, motor vehicle thefts are up 56%, and aggravated assaults are up 9%, but rapes are down 45%, robberies are down 19% and burglaries are down 35%.

That all averages out to a 17% overall decrease in crime.

On Dec. 15, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said 28% of the trauma work done this year at Strong Memorial Hospital was because of shootings.

The MCSO also issued a reminder to gun owners to secure their firearms, saying 86% of the guns stolen during burglaries were not secured.