In-Depth: What should you do if your car spins out?

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — News10NBC went In-Depth with Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter Monday about the county’s no unnecessary travel advisory.

Baxter says it means to avoid travel if you can. There are lots of crews out clearing the roads and responding to emergencies.

For those who do have to drive, he shared some advice about what to do to stay safe if a car spins out.

"They should evaluate: Are they in danger of getting rear-ended, is there other traffic coming their way? Which may make a very critical decision that may be getting out of the vehicle and creating distance if the vehicle’s going to be possibly impacted, but most often, the most safe place is going to be to remain in the vehicle, put on the four-way flashers, make sure you’re well off the road and dial 911. We have plenty of first responders, we’re keeping up with the capacity of all those calls and we’re getting to you pretty promptly right now, and that’s why it’s only an advisory. But the idea is you’ve gotta make that quick evaluation, is it safer to be in the vehicle or to be out of the vehicle. We’d much rather have you in the vehicle as long as you’re not going to get another car running into you from behind."

Baxter said the biggest problem he’s seen on the roads Monday is people not using proper discretion for their speeds or managing their time wisely.


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