‘It is vitally important that women receive equal pay’ rally held for Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC)— Equal pay for black women was the message of the day Tuesday as organizers came together for a rally as part of Black Women’s Equal Pay Day.

The rally, lead by the Pay Equity Coalition, took place at the Liberty Pole downtown and was attended by multiple Monroe County leaders from Presumptive Rochester Mayor-Elect Malik Evans and New York State Senator Samra Brouk.

People who showed up were encouraged to wear red to symbolize the lesser pay women receive in comparison to men.

"It is vitally important that women receive equal pay, especially in our community where 80% of the children who are living in poverty are in households where the women are the breadwinners, Yversha Roman, Co-founder of the Pay Equity Coalition said. "So it is important because not only does it affect the women, it affects their families."

The coalition sponsors a number of events throughout the year including events for Latina women and mothers.

If you would like to learn more about this event or any other events sponsored by the coalition, you can visit BlackWomenPayEquity.com, email advocate@PayEquityCoalition.com or call/text (585) 748-1850.