Livingston County reduces sales tax collection for gas

GENESEO, N.Y. (WHEC) — The Livingston County Board of Supervisors voted to reduce sales tax for gas as prices hit a record high for New York State on Monday.

As the average gas price in Livingston County jumped to $4.89 per gallon this week, the county announced that they plan to only charge sales tax for the first $3 at the pump.

County leaders said the tax cap will take into effect on June 1, the same day that New York State will eliminate its 16-cent gas tax. Livingston County’s policy aims to lower prices by reducing the burden of paying sales tax by about 33%.

The statewide average price for regular gas was $4.93 on Monday, an increase of 17 cents compared to last week and $1.86 compared May of 2021.

Susan Erdle, the town supervisor of West Sparta, said the tax cap will provide relief as inflation and other factors continue to drive gas prices closer to an unprecedented $5 a gallon.

“Our residents are frustrated with the increased costs of so many basic needs, especially gas," she said. In a rural town like West Sparta everyone needs to drive to get school, work, shopping, and medical appointments."

Monroe County has a different strategy for reducing gas prices. The county plans to reduce its gas tax by 8 cents starting on June 1.

Livingston County Administrator Ian Coyle previously said the Board of Supervisors has no plans to eliminate its gas tax.