Local auto repair shops starting to see a tire shortage

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — The effects of the pandemic are still lingering among many businesses — this time taking a hold of the tire industry. A tire shortage has become a reality for many automotive businesses this summer.

We caught up with the owner of East Ave Auto on how this is impacting business.

“What we’re having is trouble getting popular tires, popular truck sizes, car sizes and things that are really on the run normally are not in stock anywhere,” Paul Marone, owner of East Ave Auto said.

If you’re planning a road trip, or just need some new wheels, they might be a little hard to find.

Marone said the popular tires you normally see are not in stock anywhere and that means the price goes up.

“We’re seeing prices up 4% to 10% generally if you can get the tire,” Marone said. “The big problem is getting it and where we’re having the big trouble is matching the tires that were already on the car."

Marone said the tires are being made at the factory, but the issue is shipping and it’s not just tires that are running out.

“We’re seeing this with all car parts,” Marone said. “It seems there’s quite a few things that are on backorder here in there and that’s raised the price on a few things and that’s raised the price on quite a few things and haven’t seen this before. It’s all car parts, tires, batteries, alternators that kind of stuff some are being hard to get and it’s raising the price."

Marone said as of now, people are just paying the higher price because in most instances it’s an emergency. Marone urges those people to not start hoarding the tires just yet because things could level out before we hit winter weather.

“We’re going to wait to see how it plays out because a lot of the local warehouses are already receiving their winter tires right now and it seems as though those things are in stock right now,” Marone said. “I just don’t know if we have a big snowstorm early on it’ll be gone quick and then we will be in trouble again, I don’t know we’ll see."